Have you identified what your typical customer looks like online? If not, there’s little doubt you’re missing out on new business. If so, how effective are your methods in reaching them? We take a look at the marketing channels you currently have available, and aim to create detailed customer profiles that captures age, gender, location, and psychographic information. We then monitor the statistics of your website to identify patterns in behavior among your customers, and optimize the channels that are working the best.
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Whether it’s working with the analytics or updating your website, we leave you capable of venturing out on your own. We help you understand the tools you’ll be working with, and can teach you how to add new content and make needed changes so you can continue with business as usual. Making changes to your website will not require any design or coding knowledge.
You can implement coupon codes from radio and/or television advertisements, have front-end users who add content, unlock content or contests with social media incentives, conduct raffles / polls / quizzes, and more! If visitors come to your website looking for information or a promotion, we make sure that what they want is easy to find.

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